Costume / Textiles / Fashion 

kimatica studio
costume commission

Detail of the costumes made along my employement at Kimatica studio as a Fashion Department manager.

From june 2013  have been working as a fashion department manager at Kimatica studio, developing and designing the costumes for the Kimatica Simulacrum shows,this reel shows a selection of Kimatica’s live performance pieces, featuring their body mapping shows, lighting acts and body-sculpture collection.

choices    short story

Short story inspired in the ancient pagan tales, and asian mythology and how those values clash with in our time.

All costumes were made with recycled materials, as Coffee beans sacs and brown wrapping paper.
carla is ready for love
multimedia experiment
A multimedia experiment relating how online dating seems from my prespective.
capsule collection
All the garments have been developed out of digital printers textile tests thar were going to be thrown away,thought it was a cool ideal and also a way to reduce waste.
pxxr gvng

anti bullet vests

Anti bullet vests comission for the spanish trap band PXXR GVNG , at Madrid Fashion Week.